ZaZa – dentistry for children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are
disadvantaged in dentistry and when visiting the dentist.
The ZaZa project aims to improve this situation by means of a communication solution for everyone involved.


The project is based on the nekinos concept. In collaboration with CURAVIVA Switzerland (Industry association of institutions for people in need of support) and the University Center for Dentistry Basel (UZB) A communication solution for children with disabilities is now to be developed on the subject of dentistry.

The problem

Children with disabilities are often more prone to tooth decay and inflammation in the mouth. This also has a negative effect on other organs and overall health. Parents and caregivers are inadequately supported in their tasks. The care and the treatments are associated with stress and effort for everyone involved. Adequate education and aids for prevention are insufficiently developed or unknown. Children with a disability have a special need for support and require appropriate methods. Currently there are only a few specialized professionals and aids that can do this job justice.

Our solution is a web-based knowledge and communication platform

It forms the central theme for all phases before, during and after the treatment.

Benefits and goals

Our communication solution is intended to significantly simplify the interaction between all those involved. The primary focus is on an aid for children with disabilities. However, it should be usable for all children and their parents / accompanying persons as well as treating specialists.

Our product should contribute to this

Benefit of the solution for the stakeholders

Children with disabilities

Caregivers (parents, living group)

Dental practices and clinics

The project is important …

“… because all children have a right to healthy teeth.”
Dr. med. dent. Cornelia Filippi
University Center for Dentistry Basel (UZB)

«… because the care of children in dentistry is a stepchild – even more so for children with disabilities. That is why the ZaZa project is so important. “
Dr. med. dent. Laurent Daeniker
(Dentist in French-speaking Switzerland and Geneva University of Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry Department)

“… because especially those who need special support should receive it according to their needs.”
Dr. med. dent. Irène Hitz Lindenmüller
Cantonal dentist in Basel-Stadt

«… because as a self-affected person with a birth handicap I know how important it is that good medical and therapeutic support can begin as early as possible in life. This also applies and even more to needs-based dental care. The planned project therefore has my full support. “
Konrad Stokar
Cerebral Association (Co-Managing Director)

“… because it creates trust and security for patients, carers and practice team.”
Elsbeth Tobler
Association of Dental Assistants (Co-President)

“… because it can’t be that such a project doesn’t exist yet.”
Dr. Michael Wilke
Head of the Department for Human Rights
with disabilities Canton Basel-Stadt

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Department of Children and Adolescents Technical assistance and project management CURAVIVA Switzerland

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